1. Do not spam the chat. This includes caps.

2. Report any bugs to Server Staff.

3. Respect the Server Staff.

4. Don't troll. Don't disrupt the server, listen to admins.

5. Don't insult penguins. (This WILL result in a mute)


Admin Rules


These rules apply to Moderators, Admins, and Super Admins.

1. All normal rules apply.

2. Do not attempt to get any items through illicit means.

3. Don't load. (It won't work anyways)

4. Only use Spy or Fetch to help players that report bugs.

5. Don't change the server name or welcome message.

7. Don't change the server prefs.

8. Don't un-ban someone that was banned by someone else without consulting server staff.

9. Mute players who insult penguins. No warnings.

10. Patch or report bugs.

These are not the guidelines for becoming admin, these are just the obvious rules that admins will have to follow.

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